unique-pathI’m Dianne Morgan. I am so excited to welcome you to the home of Angel Navigation.

First I am honored that you dropped by, we (Spirit and I) hope that you find your visit educational and uplifting as we strive to build a site of integrity and that generates the love we have for all of you. On our drop down menu you can find a little information about what we (Angels and I) as a team do for you.

A special Thank You to Author Jenny Smedley for creating this beautiful Mirror Angel you see on the top right of the page, and the Angel of the Mist for our workshop tab. Thank You to Author Kathleen J Shields for sharing her talents in creating this site.

Foremost Thank You to Creator for bringing these two lovely souls into my life for this part of my journey.

I am dedicated to the Healing Arts and helping others with their Spiritual Growth. So click, browse, explore and come back anytime to check out new updates.

heartbeatOh and be sure to check out our blog “Spirit Burst!”

Working with Spirit is uplifting and exciting! I am fire that ignites a spark within others which creates a flame so that they may shine. I am a Lightworker.

Sending you Blessing of Love and Light on Angel Wings,


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