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The angels call me a Mystic Intuitive. I live and work hand-in-hand with the Angels and the Archangels. I follow the teachings of our Creator, and many Masters. The teachings of Love, Compassion, Sharing, Peace, Joy and Non-judgement. Finding the Christ Consciousness within self. I am a Mystic Intuitive Healer and Communicator, Claircognizant.

Once I had my Spiritual awakening, which for me simply means becoming aware of your connection. My first experience was hearing my deceased loved ones and then with Archangel Michael. I spent the next five years understanding, and practicing my communication, reading and studying everything I could find on the Angelic Realm. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader, Angel Intuitive and an Angel Therapy Practitioner.

Along with my Angel studies I also studied Usui Reiki. The Angels came to me in my dream world with messages on healing, and I have incorporated Archangel Crystal Grids into the healing. I am guided where to place the stones in the grid, before the client arrives; therefore, all grids are unique to the client. We also use the sound vibration of the crystal singing bowls, light (Chromo Therapy), and essential oils into what became known to me as Crystal Angelic Healing.

Through this healing technique I invoke the angels and I am guided where to send the energy. Many make their connection with the spiritual realm and receive answers during their healing. The angels also guided me to begin teaching and becoming a Spiritual Coach, helping others discover and understand their unique Connection with the Spiritual Realm, using your God given gifts. As a seeker I continue to read, study and practice many spiritual areas, as I feel the spiritual journey is never ending.

Also a Published Author, you can find the story of my Spiritual Journey in, “Go Where They Are.” available on Amazon. I have also had the pleasure of co-authoring in several anthologies complied by Teresa Howley-Howard and the Warrior Women with Angel Wings series complied by Sundi Sturgen, and also earlier works with a writing partner of Metaphysical Thrillers as Morgan Shores.

Also you can join me LIVE every Tuesday night on Blog Talk Radio on the International Angels Network

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