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I am a Spiritual Christian; I follow the teachings of Jesus of Love, Compassion, Sharing, Peace and Joy. A Spiritual Minister, I am also a Mystic Intuitive Healer and Communicator, Claircognizant. Once I had my own Spiritual awakening I spent the next five years Connecting, reading and studying everything I could find on the Angelic Realm. I eventually began to take workshops and am certified under Russell Forsyth IEL Institute (Austin,  Texas) in Level I Intuitive Communication, Level II Advanced Intuitive Communication, Level III Crystal Release and Level IV Spirit Release.

I also went on to study and am certified through Angel University under Dr. Doreen Virtue PH.D as an Angel Card Reader and an Angel Therapy Practitioner and a certified Angel Intuitive under Hay House Publishing instructed by Dr. Doreen Virtue PH.D.

Along with my Angel studies through my dream world with the Angels I was guided to study Energy Healing. Eventually studying Usui Reiki under Certified Reiki Master Amy Sikarskie where I achieved a Reiki Attunement First and Second Degree Certificate. Although I do not use Reiki in my healing practice it was very beneficial to me in understanding the abilities of healing, where we (the Angels and I) have incorporated crystals, sound vibration, light (Chromo Therapy), and essential oils into the Crystal Angelic Healing that we offer.

I am also the Creator and Instructor of Angel Navigation LLC Workshops, helping others discover and understand your unique Connection with the Spiritual Realm using your own God given gifts.

Last but not least, Published Author, currently completing the story of my Spiritual Journey to Awakening, too be released in 2017. However, if you love thrillers, I am half of the Metaphysical Thriller Writing Team of “Morgan Shores” The Balance: Awakenings’ and The Balance: The Return.

Member in Good Standing with the International Association of Angel Practitioners


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