The Balance: Awakenings

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An epic spiritual journey of free-will! Set in modern day Galveston, Texas; two strangers Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore each shockingly discover they are the lineage of ancient twin goddesses. The Time Keepers of their families have written that the Goddess of Light and the Goddess of Shadows will incarnate somewhere down the lineage when the balance of Gaia is threatened. One must save her sister; the other must choose a side! As they are awakened to battle the Lord of the Demons for “The Balance” of light and dark!

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Have you ever had the sensation that you have experienced an event before, in a location you’re in for the first time, or can predict who will enter a room and know what will be said?  The French have a phrase for that kind of experience; it’s  “de ja vu”. Other people would refer to it as a brush with the “metaphysical”, an event that transcends physical matter or the laws of nature of the mind. It’s often associated with the concepts of good and evil, which are ‘inextricably linked with a battle across time and space, “as defined in the New Oxford American Dictionary.

“The Balance-The Awakening of the Goddesses”, deals with just this premise. The forces of evil and good over time  have become unbalanced. Unless altered and returned to a harmonious balance, the forces of evil may prevail.

This fascinating book, a collaborative effort of Dianne Morgan and Tera Rae Shores, who have created a new epic story. Similar to one that
has been humanity’s since the beginning of time. Underlying holy books of major religions and cultures are stories of how good and evil came into being, have clashed over time, and will have some form of final encounter. At the center is a spiritual journey resulting from free will and their consequences.

Set in present day Galveston, TX, the book’s plot begins when two strangers, Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore discover that they have much more in common the residing in the same state. They are reincarnations of ancient twin goddesses.  The story plot reveals one has, in another time, been married to the Lord of Demons. He too has been reincarnated to the present.

To right the balance all the forces of the Creator are sent to ensure the battle will be won and the balance of good will prevail. To enable this
ending to occur, each of the four pieces of an armlet must be found, gathered, and held one person’s possession. One  goddess holds the key to determining the outcome. What helps makes the story plot so captivating and riveting is the location of the story, Galveston, and where they are employed prior to their awakenings. Add to that, the weaving of places Shores has included into the story plot.

You won’t know who makes what free will decision or its outcome, until you’ve read this metaphysical thriller.

Margaret Barno – Galveston Daily News

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4 reviews for The Balance: Awakenings

  1. Kari

    Good morning! I finished your book last night. I enjoyed it very much. When I heard it was a trilogy, I was worried the story was going to cut off in the middle of the final battle, you guys wrapped up nicely. I can’t wait to read the second one. Kari

  2. Carla

    This is a fight for the balance of the world. So many people, so many light keepers and workers, and so many secrets.
    I liked this book, I found the tale interesting and the characters well developed. I think I really wanted more – more action, more interactions – but I think I will be getting more with another book in this series. I feel the need to warn some, that like GRRM, Shores does not fear messing with a reader a getting rid of a beloved character, but at least it’s not gruesome.

  3. Maureen

    I adored this book and was sorry that it came to end , I am looking forward to the next in the series.
    Although the characters were supernatural beings they acted very much like normal humans in the realm , but with their hidden secrets.
    I won this copy of the book, but the cover is colorful and inviting and I would be drawn to it in a book store.
    Very good story!

  4. Luciana

    The Balance: The Awakening formerly The Awakening of the Goddesses by Morgan Shores is a profoundly meaningful novel of thought-provoking depth and surrealism. Hypnotized by the beautifully dreamlike storyline, I was swept away of a journey of self-discovery and profundity. This philosophical read blends seamlessly together a compelling fictional story with truthful connotation and an altogether unique perspective; on life. The conglomeration of varying styles from both Dianne Morgan and Tera Rae Shores makes for an eclectic mix, and a refreshingly distinct read like nothing I have encountered before. Taken on a path of discovery into the unknown, I was able to explore both lightness and darkness within myself and draw from this book a sense of fulfillment and empowerment!
    Categorized as a fantasy novel {although I would personally regard this as a spiritual book}, “The Balance” series is set within the modern day and follows the lives of two strangers who are inexplicably drawn together. Lilith Nolan and Sophia Moore both discover that they are twin Goddesses, and have been `awakened’ to battle a dark Lord of the Demon world! They must unite for `the balance’ of light and dark and to save mankind. Reminiscent of The Seeker: The Dark is Rising this extraordinary novel is deftly interwoven amid a mysterious supernatural ambience. The nuance behind every, single, word was haunting and I found that afterwards the story lingered within my mind for a long time.

    Anyone seeking a sensational story of impacting resonance and depth will find this astonishing debut an enthralling and highly memorable read.

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