The Balance: The Return

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The Balance trilogy continues with Book II; set in modern day Galveston, Texas 10 years later the Goddesses and their families discover the Ancient family secrets that will challenge their faith and change their futures. The once again must unite to maintain the balance between light and dark.


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Have you ever stepped into a room, sensing the tension emanating from those present or feeling your child needed you, gotten a busy signal when you attempted to call, only later your child was trying contact you? If you have; then you’ve experienced on a small level what the persons in “The Return” feel in a much more intense way!

The authors Dianne Morgan and Tera Rae Shores going under their combined names as Morgan Shores, have created a fictional account of people, who, the first book in the Balance series, learn that they are related from ancient times. Some are not only sisters, but one is much more. “The Return” is the second in the series, in which they learn more about their past, their powers and why they and other family members have been thrust into today’s world for a specific task by Creator, supported by Archangels, to ensure the Creator’s Plan. Set in motion in ancient times by Creator, The Plan will affect all of life. It cannot be thwarted by Samuel, an angel who fallen from Grace when he has chose the Dark Side, calls himself Lord of the Demons. Others who have chosen to follow him will stop at nothing to achieve their ultimate goals.

Abandoning the Creator’s goodness, they’ve used the powers given them to kill, gather persons needing love, taking them to the underworld where egos are reprogrammed, and taught to destroy that which is loving and good. The turmoil is to be lived out on an island off the Texas coast, Galveston, during the most holy of seasons in December.

The authors have summarized the first book in this book’s Prologue and have written a Reader’s Guide which defines the characters, roles, and their names in the Realms of Light, Shadows, and Darkness. Each person also has a role in this world. Lilith, Goddess of Shadows, for example is a detective in the police force; her husband, Manuel is a lawyer. In the course of the book, the reader will read with the goddesses, about their past lives, which they do not remember. What is it that the Dark forces are seeking to take? Well, you’ll need to read the book for that answer. You will also learn how love and devotion to the cause, will do to protect or sacrifice for what is most important to each.

You, the reader won’t know until the last of the book the whole picture and the master plan of the Creator. Suspense, love, giving and most of all Trusting are the key words to say when reading this uniquely creative book.

Margaret Barno – Galveston Daily News

3 reviews for The Balance: The Return

  1. Sally

    I loved the first book, but omg this one I adored so much more. A mystical tale with a twist of Spirituality and Magic, I also love the interaction the characters have with Archangels, (which is teaching the reader a little about them). It is one I will read over again! Can’t wait for the conclusion but will be sad that the story is ending.

  2. Marjorie

    I really enjoyed it. I had read the first one and thought this to be even more in depth on ones belief’s and faith. I love how the authors took us forward in time, and included family bond of love. It was thrilling, and loving and spiritual all in one. Can’t wait to find out what Samuel will do next, but feel that Lilith will again win as light always conquers over darkness in the end.

  3. Nattie

    Where to began, I hadn’t read the first book, however the authors did a good job at recapping in the prologue so I did not feel lost. The Readers Guide in the front of the book also helped in knowing the characters.
    The Return is a faced pace read, it captures you from the beginning and keeps you guessing with twist and turns and never knowing what will come about next. Once I started it I didn’t want to put it down. It was an enjoyable read, with a surprised ending, however it was a nice touch that the authors went back in time and explained the ancient story. I have recommended it to several friends.

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