First I have to say I was a bit skeptical of having an Intuitive Healing Session, but did it because my daughter had met Dianne and had gone to see her and being a father I wanted to make certain she wasn’t leading my daughter on. I think “speechless” is the best term to describe my experience. She is a very kind and compassionate person and how she knew the information, I am still pondering that one! – MB

I had a healing session with Dianne and it was amazing, she is amazing. I walked away in total disbelief I hadn’t felt this good in years. I won’t go into details as they were very personal but WOW, WOW, WOW! I highly recommend her! – WS

I didn’t even know what a chakra was. Dianne take took time with me to explain and I never felt rushed. I loved it, as she said give or take an hour and explained she doesn’t cut the session as long as she is feeling the energy or hearing a message. I love her and have had several sessions with her other than Chakra Clearing. – DW

It had been 3 years since I lost my husband, and I was still in such a depression. My sister knew Dianne and booked a Reading for me. I must say I didn’t know what to expect. I found her to be such a loving compassionate soul. Before we started she joked a little and made me feel comfortable, then she asked do you mind if we say a prayer. I had never heard that Readers said prayers. She started with “Father we come before you today asking for your love and guidance that intentions be fulfilled. Then she called upon Archangel Michael and asked that he bring healing loving messages through for me.

She blew me away! My husband did come through and the information she gave me as conformation, no one else knew but he and I. It was very heart warming. I shed tears, but tear of happiness knowing he was okay. When she mentioned something I had done last week that he told her, well that was it, my confirmation that he is still with me. She encouraged me to talk to him that he does hear me. Next she began to give me messages from the Archangels. The last thing she did was ask me if I would like cards pulled, then she used a deck of what she called Oracle cards with the Archangels on them. She shuffled and asked what message the Angels would like for me to walk away with today. Again I was in Ahh, as the cards pulled randomly, were answers to questions I had been pondering in my life.

I walked away with more peace than I had had in years. – RA

I have known Dianne for over 10 years, so I was around when she began this path. I always knew there was something about her. She has given me beautiful messages from deceased loved ones and my fur babies that have also left. As she explains our fur babies are also deceased loved ones.  I love her! My husband had a stroke 5 months prior and was still having a hard time communicating. He talked, but it was difficult for him to form the thought to ask a question.  We met for lunch and I explained this to her, she very kindly asked if I would like to bring him over for an Energy Healing Session. She said, “The thought popped in my head as I was driving over here, and if he’s interested I would be delighted to work with him.”

I asked him when I got home, and of course because he had read her books, and loved them he said “Yes.”

I don’t know what went on in that room, all I do know is that before we left her house, he asked a question for the first time in months, and the next day he is Mr. Chatty.  We were very impressed with the information she gave us about what she worked on. One other thing when I asked when do you need to see him again, she replied, “Let’s see how he does, I could say oh in a couple of weeks and take your money but let’s wait and if you or he feel you want another session let me know.”

I am forever thankful for her thoughtfulness and love, whatever she does, it’s working! – BG

Go Where They Are! What a ride…..
This book has it all. Laughter, tears, pain, hope, love and truth.
17 November 2017 – Published on Amazon.com
This author takes you right along with her as she tells her story. I used to be an avid reader and this book reminded me of the times when I couldn’t put a book down just wanting to see what was to come next. Without giving out too much information, I think you too will feel her emotions and later understand why she had to experience what she did to get to where she needed to be. Get your cup of coffee or cup of tea, get comfortable and enjoy. She answered questions I hadn’t even thought and now wanting to learn more. Maybe she’ll answer some of yours as well. Hope there’s a sequel ! Thank you Dianne Morgan! Rita A.

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